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Aunts and Uncles

For my weekend my aunts and uncles stayed with my family. We went to New York and bought toys and video games. We went on Canal Street which is the worst place EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Times Square.



I have a lot of homework. The past two days I've woken up early to do homework..... REALLY EARLY. But all is well


Independence Hall

When my grandparents came(It was the greatest time ever)We went to Independence Hall,Pennsylvania.(Birthplace of America) Our tour guide told us about everything BUT Independence Hall. BOOO!!! him. The first room we went in he didn't tell what it was. I didn't know if it was a monkey's living room, or a toucan's bathroom etc. etc. etc. BUT we went to the USS Intrepid sea-space-air museum



Sorry Brady!!!!!!

Tom, I've............turned to the Giants side.........

Now I(Lets not say hate)really don't like the patriots, so forget that Brady(YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH)thing now it is anybody on the Bears,Giants,Ravens,Jaguars,Eagles..............................(YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH)
Oh,I kinda like the Patriots



Sorry for not writing for a while.......a couple of months........A YEAR. To make everybody feel better here's some information!!!!!!!(If your in school "No not more!!)

Do you know? There are 1.609344 kilometers for every mile!

Do you know? That some cargo carrier boats have to stop by hitting the brakes with their right pinky finger while singing "We will we will rock you"?(Just kidding!!!)

But seriously, they start hitting the brakes miles away!!!........MILES!

Now some videos!!(Yeah! Encore!)

For: percussion players

For:fast guitar players

For:Utes fans(Sorry Nate!)


06-07 jazz highlights

Here is a couple videos to tribute the Jazz of '06-'07. (That was last year.)

Jazz are going to win NBA title!



Kay clemens YOU TOOK STEROIDS. I think I made my point. If you don't know the story Clemens (Roger Clemens) said "I didn't take steroids don't put me in jail."and then "oh, no you took steroids." And, he keeps coming out of his dang retirement. Here is a tribute.



Answer time!

What's the best part about being a kid? You can really kinda do whatever you want.

What's the hardest part about being a kid? Your little sibling.

What's your dream job when you grow up? ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Go to Eat-a-Burger

Have you any idea how much you are loved? No, kinda, a lot?

Who invented the Double Crossover? Michael Jordan.

Who invented the Double Pounder? McDonalds.

When were Peanut butter and Jelly sandwhiches invented? They use to have Peanut Butter and Toenails but unfortunately they ran out of toenails and spilled Jelly on it in 1787.

If I am my brother's brother who am I?Tell me who your brother's brother is and I'll tell you.

64 x 43 + 311 = what? 3,063.

What is your favorite sport and why? Basketball. Because It's strategy and funness.

Who will win the NBA title this year and who will they beat in the Finals? Celtics and they'll beat the Spurs.

What is your favorite thing about Max? Lucy? Mom? Max:He's a weirdo. Lucy:She's cuddly. Mom:She's nice.

If you had a million dollars to buy whatever you wanted what would it be? Buy a house and every sport card.

What makes you most excited about moving to Delaware? That house I like.

What are your top 5 favorite baseball, basketball, or football cards? Baseball:Reggie Jackson,Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, The Red Sox roster. That's 14.

Who is your favorite player? Jonathan Papelbon Boozer and Tom Brady.

Where is your favorite place to go to or travel to? Disneyland.

What is your favorite color? Red blue and green but I like them together.

What is your favorite animal? Dog and Tiger.

If Lucy could speak English what is the first thing that you think she would say to you? "I like treats."

When you get really famous and are hired by ESPN and they tell you that you need to make up a fake name to protect your identity, what will you change your name to? Chris Stats

Good questions! Bye!


Question time!

Okay just ask me any question and I'll answer it! Bye!



Hello people of earth! I have just won my jr. Jazz game. I CAN(usually)NEVER WIN. My record is(so far)3-11.Yeah wins go first. Pretty amazing huh. Then the Jazz my gosh, you lose by 11 to the Nuggets(okay I can handle that) then they only win by 20 against the clippers at home gosh,just kidding. So uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.




Green Bay vs New York(BOOOOOOOOOOO!)my dad cheered for the Giants because his friend Larry likes the Giants. Oh! I almost forgot you are LUCKY not to see me after the Cowboys game(I cheered for the Cowboys). "YOU DORK ROMO YOUR THE WHITE TEAM". Patriots(YEEAAAHHH) vs Chargers(DOUBLE YEAAAHHH)"MANNING YOUR ARE THE BIGGEST BABY" that was me after the game of course I chose the Chargers. And to finish off congratulations to the LSU Tigers new college football champions.



To be continued(from last time)

Jaguars beat (YYEEEAHHHH!)the Steelers 31-29 . Seahawks beat the Redskins 35-14 . (BOOOOOO) Every day I have a moment of silence for Sean Taylor. Giants beat the Bucaneers 24-14 (YYYYYEEEEAAHHH!). I'm watching the Titans vs the Chargers right now 6-0 Titans. GOOOOOO Chargers!

Game details: Jaguars at Steelers. David Garrard on 4th and 2 ran 32 yards in the 4th quarter with 2:00 minutes.WHAT! it was only 14-13 Redskins(this is where the WHAT part comes in)in the beginning of the 4th quarter. Giants have Brandon Jacobs. He's awesome. If the Titans win the Chargers they face the Patriots.

NFL Playoffs:Giants vs Cowboys. Seahawks vs Packers. Jaguars at Patriots. And who ever wins the Titans vs Chargers face the Colts.


What's going on in sports.

Football:Patriots go 16-0. Moss sets reception TD record. Brady (YEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!) sets passing TD record.

Basketball: Jazz ends Portland's thirteen game win streak. Kobe Bryant becomes youngest player to score 20,000 points.


Playoffs Football: Jaguars at Steelers. Titans at Chargers. Giants at Buccaneers. Redskins at Seahawks.

College Football: Ohio State at LSU, January 7th.

Have a happy BSC national championship and NFL championship!


Back to school.

This is going to be so much fun. NOT. It's true. I might see all my friends, but it's not going to be worth it....maybe. I've been to so many places during off track times, including Boston, New York, San Francisco, Disneyland, and piano lessons. And Macey's grocery store. And Target. Target is numbbbber ..........1! I wish I could sing you the whole theme song.

If you watched the Super Bowl XLI (41), my friend Nathaniel (Nate from school) loves the Colts. BOOOOOOOOO! As you can see, I hate them. And I love the Bears. So, there's a rivalry between me and my friend. There's probably a lot more during off track that I did, so I might as well tell you more: well, there's nothing much more to tell you than........SOUVENIRS!


YEAAAAAH! I think I forgot what the name of this post is...........WHO CARES.


"The Big Game" by Christian

John Holiday was putting his shorts on for the national championship of high school basketball. The game before they only won by 5. Today he was nervous they were facing the Jackson Jaguars. Their star was Luke Almond. With Luke on their team they were unstoppable. They were 15-5. All the games they lost were because Luke was hurt.

On the other hand, the Old Dominion Dare Devils were nicknamed the Old Dominion Defeat Devils for the past 10 years for 10 or more losses. Their star was George Root. With him they were still beatable.

Well, back to the story. John the point guard averaged 10.0 ppg. So, anyway the tipoff went to Jackson and they took a quick lead (6 to 0). But, the daredevils came back and tied it at the half. Through the 3rd quarter it was a back and forth. Heading into the 4th John had 12, Luke had 25, George had 19, and Jackson held a 1 point lead. They took a 12 point lead with 2 minutes to go.

It seemed like hope was lost but Luke missed his next 7 shots and and there was then a 1 point lead for the Devils with 15 seconds to go. It was Jackson's ball and Luke hit a shot with 5 seconds to go.

In the timeout huddle the coach said "okay they expect George to shoot or Beckett (shooting guard) to shoot. So, John you shoot!"

Everybody said, "John what?!"

The buzzer sounded. As he walked away the coach said, "Make it!"

They went out on the court. They passed it to George. 4 seconds. Gave it to Beckett. 3 seconds. Passed it to John. 2 seconds. "Shoot!" 1 second.

"Yes!" It went in! "Yes, yes, yes!"

Everybody jumped on him and congratulated him.

The end.


(It's almost ) MY BIRTHDAY!

Yup, it's almost my birthday and it's all set up at I-worlds shuttle simulation. These are the things I like about my birthday PRESENTS,the ride,PRESENTS,my friends,PRESENTS................................Just kidding



In response to my Dad's last comment on Tim Duncan, and the NBA announcers saying that Tim Duncan is a top five player in NBA history, I looked up all of the players that have higher scoring averages than him.

Michael Jordan,

Wilt Chamberlain,

Allen Iverson,

Elgin Baylor,

Jerry West,


Bob Pettit,

George Gervin,

Oscar Robertson,


Dominique Wilkins

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Larry Bird

Adrian Dantley

Pete Maravich

Vince Carter

Kobe Bryant

Paul Pierce

Rick Barry

Paul Arizin

George Mikan

Bernard King

Tim Duncan (Moment of silence please because he is lonely here at number 23!)

P.S. Dikembe would of crushed him on defense.

Now everybody say on their comments who they think is a lot better then Duncan, Ok




Well we lost in the western confrence finals to Duncan and the STUPID refs of game 4. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! All Duncan does is lays it up. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! misses a free throw. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH! Here in Utah Duncan lays it up. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


The funny coments

These are all the things my dad said between the first and 2nd games vs San Antonio
"Your boring Timmy"
"You suck Fisher"
"I'm a real boy!" (about ginobli)
"Your gonna get your but kicked in Salt Lake City Duncan!"



Did you see game 7? If you didn't it was the greatest game I have in my life the stars were:
Carlos Boozer,

Deron Williams,

Memet Okur,

Andrei Kirelenko,

Warriors Here we come!

and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................................................................BYE!


playoff paridise

these are the top 10 things that happened at the utah Jazz playoff game thursday.

10.We won.

9.We forced A LOT of turnovers(especially Yao).

8.The people said funny things like:

7. "lazy eyes" to Mcgrady.

6. "Freak show" to Yao.

5.Every timeout Houston took everybody in the stadium would yell (with megaphones) "Houston sucks."

4. Boozer jumped over chuck hayes and dunked it.

3.Memo(memet) had 4 blocks.

2.It was fun.


P.S. I dont think my grandma would like playoff games.


The facts

Ok bet you didn't know this Kobe Bryant (Los Angles Lakers boooooooooo) averaged 35.4 points a game 05-06 season right? Right. Carlos Boozer (Utah Jazz yeah!) averaged 20.9 points a game and 11.8 rebounds in the 06-07 season right? Right. March 2nd 1962 Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points right? Right. Time for trivia! Ok Deron williams plays on what NBA team? How many assists did he have in 05-06 season? He tied his career high assists on what game and how many was it? Aaaaaaaand how many steals did he have that season? Those answers are................................Uh I might not know them................................Just kidding! They are (drumroll please) Utah Jazz, 359, 82nd and 13, 60. Now I bet you didn't know that.


introducing ME

Hi I'm Christian. I am 8 years old my birthday is 6/24. I have a little brother named Maxwell (usually Max) he is 3 years old. His birthday is 5/9. My mom Tiffany she is 30 and her birthday is 2/18. My dad is 30 too aaaaaaand he has the same birthday as my mom! Now lets get into cool stuff tomorrow.