playoff paridise

these are the top 10 things that happened at the utah Jazz playoff game thursday.

10.We won.

9.We forced A LOT of turnovers(especially Yao).

8.The people said funny things like:

7. "lazy eyes" to Mcgrady.

6. "Freak show" to Yao.

5.Every timeout Houston took everybody in the stadium would yell (with megaphones) "Houston sucks."

4. Boozer jumped over chuck hayes and dunked it.

3.Memo(memet) had 4 blocks.

2.It was fun.


P.S. I dont think my grandma would like playoff games.


James said...

I am glad the Jazz won. We only hear about the Suns down here so I had to check out the internet to find out that the Jazz won game 3. I sure hope they can get out of this first round. It sounds like that game was fun.

Grandma said...

Your comments on the game were fun. I agree with the PS in light of #1. But I suppose I could wear ear plugs. ON second thought, I'll just read your blog. :-)