In response to my Dad's last comment on Tim Duncan, and the NBA announcers saying that Tim Duncan is a top five player in NBA history, I looked up all of the players that have higher scoring averages than him.

Michael Jordan,

Wilt Chamberlain,

Allen Iverson,

Elgin Baylor,

Jerry West,


Bob Pettit,

George Gervin,

Oscar Robertson,


Dominique Wilkins

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Larry Bird

Adrian Dantley

Pete Maravich

Vince Carter

Kobe Bryant

Paul Pierce

Rick Barry

Paul Arizin

George Mikan

Bernard King

Tim Duncan (Moment of silence please because he is lonely here at number 23!)

P.S. Dikembe would of crushed him on defense.

Now everybody say on their comments who they think is a lot better then Duncan, Ok



Mom said...

Dude, it sounds like I'm probably better than him.

James said...

Barbara Streisand is better than old Timmy Duncan.

I do have to admit that Duncan seems like a class act guy, but I just don't like the way he plays. He plays with no emotion.

Erik said...

That dancing grandma that's 90 years old, and does the splits at the end of her routine at the Jazz halftime show, is better than Duncan. Keep up the good work C-Dawg.

Dad said...

It's not that Duncan isn't very solid, it's just that he isn't everything that he is cracked up to be by the media. You're right Christian. Why don't we hear about how Manu Ginobli is one of the greatest ever? His numbers are just as good as Duncan's or better and he's got 3 championships. If you put any solid power forward on the Spurs teams that won the championships, they would have still won the titles. It's not specific to Duncan, he's been surrounded by great teams.

In response to your question, I'll take Carlos BOOOOOOzer any day (compare their numbers in the series this year) and with a little more experience on our team next year, the Jazz have the chance to begin their own dynasty!

Go Jazz!

dede said...

Christian, you are WAY better than Duncan.

Grandma C said...

Christian, you amaze me. Maybe it's the media guys and the power people who are to blame here. Does Duncan have a big ego or is he just the recipient of a lot of hype? Anyway, maybe he makes good donuts. I've heard of em. j/k