Well we lost in the western confrence finals to Duncan and the STUPID refs of game 4. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! All Duncan does is lays it up. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! misses a free throw. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH! Here in Utah Duncan lays it up. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Tiffany said...

You make me laugh, Christian. I know you and Dad will be happy to see the Spurs beat Cleveland. It might make you feel better about our sad loss to them. :(

erik said...

Good call Christian. When Duncan retires from basketball, maybe he can get a job giving the towels to the Jazz players and throwing them in the dirty laundry. He's really good at holding on to peoples heads and throwing trash up into the hole.

Can't wait for next season. Jazz are gonna be awesome!

Dad said...


I agree completely. Duncan is the most overrated 2- point 12 rebound player ever! Those are good numbers, but not near as good as the incredible player everyone makes him out to be. Compare his numbers with the greatest players of all time, Jordan, West, Bird, Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, etc. and he doesn't stack up like everyone acts like. In fact, you could post those players numbers compared to him on your blog to prove the point!

Grandma C. said...

I love you, Christian. And I actually watched a couple of games this time around. I can see how you could get hooked. I like the Jazz players. They seem like good guys and team players. I hope they do even better next season.