"The Big Game" by Christian

John Holiday was putting his shorts on for the national championship of high school basketball. The game before they only won by 5. Today he was nervous they were facing the Jackson Jaguars. Their star was Luke Almond. With Luke on their team they were unstoppable. They were 15-5. All the games they lost were because Luke was hurt.

On the other hand, the Old Dominion Dare Devils were nicknamed the Old Dominion Defeat Devils for the past 10 years for 10 or more losses. Their star was George Root. With him they were still beatable.

Well, back to the story. John the point guard averaged 10.0 ppg. So, anyway the tipoff went to Jackson and they took a quick lead (6 to 0). But, the daredevils came back and tied it at the half. Through the 3rd quarter it was a back and forth. Heading into the 4th John had 12, Luke had 25, George had 19, and Jackson held a 1 point lead. They took a 12 point lead with 2 minutes to go.

It seemed like hope was lost but Luke missed his next 7 shots and and there was then a 1 point lead for the Devils with 15 seconds to go. It was Jackson's ball and Luke hit a shot with 5 seconds to go.

In the timeout huddle the coach said "okay they expect George to shoot or Beckett (shooting guard) to shoot. So, John you shoot!"

Everybody said, "John what?!"

The buzzer sounded. As he walked away the coach said, "Make it!"

They went out on the court. They passed it to George. 4 seconds. Gave it to Beckett. 3 seconds. Passed it to John. 2 seconds. "Shoot!" 1 second.

"Yes!" It went in! "Yes, yes, yes!"

Everybody jumped on him and congratulated him.

The end.


Grandma said...

I felt like I was there. You are a good writer, Christian.

dede said...

Sweet story Christian!

Dad said...

I can already see your sports column in the newspaper or in Sports Illustrated. Nice job Christian!

mom said...

You amaze me. Every day. I love this story!

James the Uncle said...

You really need to apply for a sports reporter position. ESPN needs you.

erik said...

You had me on the edge of my seat Christian, nice job. What time do you get off work at Sportscenter?

Leslie said...

Wow, Christian! That was fiction?? You ARE amazing!