Sorry for not writing for a while.......a couple of months........A YEAR. To make everybody feel better here's some information!!!!!!!(If your in school "No not more!!)

Do you know? There are 1.609344 kilometers for every mile!

Do you know? That some cargo carrier boats have to stop by hitting the brakes with their right pinky finger while singing "We will we will rock you"?(Just kidding!!!)

But seriously, they start hitting the brakes miles away!!!........MILES!

Now some videos!!(Yeah! Encore!)

For: percussion players

For:fast guitar players

For:Utes fans(Sorry Nate!)


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog. You always do a lot of fun things. Keep it up. I glad the Utes did well this year but sad that BYU didn't beat them. It has been so much fun to be with you this week.


Mom said...

Love the clips, love you more.

Lindy-Lou said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging! You have been missed! You find the greatest things on You Tube. Thanks for sharing. Love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. No, more.