To be continued(from last time)

Jaguars beat (YYEEEAHHHH!)the Steelers 31-29 . Seahawks beat the Redskins 35-14 . (BOOOOOO) Every day I have a moment of silence for Sean Taylor. Giants beat the Bucaneers 24-14 (YYYYYEEEEAAHHH!). I'm watching the Titans vs the Chargers right now 6-0 Titans. GOOOOOO Chargers!

Game details: Jaguars at Steelers. David Garrard on 4th and 2 ran 32 yards in the 4th quarter with 2:00 minutes.WHAT! it was only 14-13 Redskins(this is where the WHAT part comes in)in the beginning of the 4th quarter. Giants have Brandon Jacobs. He's awesome. If the Titans win the Chargers they face the Patriots.

NFL Playoffs:Giants vs Cowboys. Seahawks vs Packers. Jaguars at Patriots. And who ever wins the Titans vs Chargers face the Colts.


Jesse C said...

Exciting stuff. Some good games coming up this weekend.


James said...

I love this because I don't have ESPN but now I kind of do through you Christian.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, Christian. Obviously I've been missing out. I didn't realize you were actively blogging. Of course these later ones are in a foreign language, but then again, I like your style. Once in a while I hope you share your thoughts about things I'm familiar with, such as not sports. Forgive me. That was not fair. It's your blog. And it's amazing. You're amazing. And I love you.
- Grandma

Leslie said...

Who's Grandma kidding?? This is how I like to keep up on sports -- just give me the highlights, the final scores, tell me who we're cheering for, and I can be a great fan!!